Affordable  Gutter Cleaning Services in Springfield, MA and the Surrounding Areas.

 Gutter  cleaning services that are done right the first time. Trust your  gutters  to our decades of experience.

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Our Gutter Services

No matter the size of your home, the type of gutters or if you even have gutter guards - we can clean them to make sure the are draining properly to avoid any damages to your home.

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AJK was hired to clean my gutters for the winter. they did a great job. The guys also did some Quick repairs to a few spots that were loose and bent Already booking them for power washing in the spring

Alex did an amazing job cleaning all our gutter's in our large home on the second floor and first floor. Alex is very professional, punctual and pleasant. We give you 5 Stars ***** We'll only use Alex again in the future. Thank You

John D

Stephanie G

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Residential Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Guard Installation

Are you looking to prevent constant debris build up and overflow in the gutters? We have the solution for you, ask us about our Gutter Glove product. 

Gutter Whitening

Has the original color of your gutters faded over the many years of rainfall? We have the right procedures and solutions to restore your gutters to their original beauty.

No matter what you need washed, we have the proper equipment and solutions to properly wash it and restore it to its original form. 

Power Washing

AJKs Proven Gutter Cleaning Process


Full Hand Cleaning

We take our time to hand clean your gutters thoroughly, ensuring that all debris big or small is completely removed and that your gutters are as clean as they can be.


Full Debris Removal

All the trash and debris we clean up from your gutters is removed off-site and dumped, we leave no mess behind and no extra work for you to do. A completely done for you job, so you can sit back and relax.


Downspouts Check

We thoroughly check all downspouts (the pipes that run down the water) to ensure there is nothing in there that will cause a clog or a back-up.

Complete Gutter System Flush


We do a complete flush out of all your gutters and downspouts with a hose to remove any lingering debris and to ensure you have a healthy and functioning gutter system.


Final Gutter Inspection

Once we’re done cleaning, we do one final inspection ensuring that there is no debris left behind and to assess the condition of your gutters. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality and our final inspection ensures we deliver.